Charter Oak Mechanical is among the leading heating contractors in central Connecticut. At Charter Oak Mechanical we specialize in all residential and commercial heating systems to keep you comfortable all winter long. Here in southern New England, you have to endure the chills of winter. All you need to stay comfortable in the dead of winter is a reliable heating system. When the cold weather arrives, don’t get stuck in the cold with an old furnace. Install an energy efficient system and save money. Charter Oak Mechanical prides itself on top notch professional and friendly customer service.

Whether you’re building a new home and need an entire heating system or want an energy-efficient upgrade over your existing system, our installation team can get you up and running. Because every home’s heating needs are different, we’ll take the time to assess your heating load through a professional heat loss calculation and help you pick out a system that perfectly fits your home’s needs. We’ll help you weigh the benefits of furnaces, boilers and heat pumps to find the right system for your family, and we’ll make sure it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications before we leave your house.

We feel that about 90% of HVAC issues can be prevented with a good routine maintenance schedule. There is always a risk that your heater will fail at the worst possible time – that is where the Charter Oak Mechanical repair team comes in. Our most common replacement parts are already on the truck. We offer 24 hour emergency service. Give Charter Oak Mechanical a call today at 860-432-8915.

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