Water Heaters

Water heaters are an appliance we all take for granted until they break. Your water heater is an important part of your home. Hiring a great company like Charter Oak Mechanical to inspect your water heater is a good start. When it is reaching the end of its useful life and in need of repair, give us a call. Charter Oak understands the importance and can get the job done quickly so you are not without hot water for long. We service all makes and models. Usually a hot water heater is serviced with your boiler. If you haven’t had them serviced recently, now is the time. We also offer service plans to help keep your busy schedule simple. Call Charter Oak Mechanical to find out more information today.

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Why Do I Need Regularly Scheduled Water Heater Maintenance?

Charter Oak Mechanical is a smart investment in your home. There is nothing worse about a water heater that stops working. In a recent study 12 percent of your home’s energy bill comes from the use of a water heater. Even if you weren’t expecting a repair or water heater replacement upgrading your equipment may actually be to your benefit. Many of the new water heaters come with energy saving advantages. Charter Oak Mechanical has new Energy Star water heaters from companies such as Branford White and Rheem. The newest water heaters can reduce energy costs up-to 31 percent. To learn more about how you can improve your home efficiency with a new water heater call, Charter Oak Mechanical. We specialize in water heater repairs and installations

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