Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance – Rocky Hill CT

Have you scheduled your annual furnace cleaning and maintenance visit yet? At Charter Oak Mechanical we stress the importance of furnace maintenance to our customers. Here in southern New England we rely on our furnaces three seasons of the year. Whether you have an oil or gas burning furnace, combustion products can accumulate and cause serious health hazards in your home. One of the major hazards of neglecting furnace maintenance is the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Grimy furnaces may produce deadly amounts of carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas. Another costly consequence of a dirty furnace is that you will be paying more for fuel. When your furnace is sitting idle during the summer it accumulates grime and dust that can cause a breakdown or malfunction when you need it most. You can void the manufacturer’s warranty unless you have a licensed professional check and clean your furnace. Call the heating professionals at Charter Oak Mechanical and get your furnace cleaned today: 860-432-8915.

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Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance | Rocky Hill CT | Charter Oak