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Call Charter Oak Mechanical for heating system maintenance Enfield CT.  If you own a home or commercial building,  it is important to have a reliable, local company to perform necessary maintenance on your heating system. Charter Oak Mechanical is Hartford County’s trusted heating system maintenance company. Did you know that it is important to have your heating system cleaned and maintained regularly, in order to avoid any dust and dirt buildup with potentially serious consequences?

Make your new year’s resolution to schedule your annual furnace cleaning and maintenance visit this year. If you have been putting it off, don’t any longer. Whether you have a gas or oil burning furnace, there are combustion products that can build up and cause serious health problems for you and anyone else living in your home. One of the more common, yet tragic, hazards of a neglected furnace is carbon monoxide poisoning. It is the odorless killer.

Protect yourself and your family by calling Charter Oak Mechanical today to schedule your heating system cleanup. Besides potentially being exposed to deadly hazards, another costly and serious consequence of neglecting to maintain your furnace is an increase in fuel expenses. When grime is allowed to accumulate over the summer, a malfunction may occur during the most critical winter months. Call the licensed professionals at Charter Oak Mechanical to check and clean your furnace on a yearly basis.

If you experience a heating system malfunction or emergency, call our experts. In most boiler and furnace instances, we are able to repair and remediate the issue. Our repair technicians are certified to get the job done right. Call our professionals today to get your heating system repaired or to schedule maintenance: 860-432-8915.

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