Heating System Maintenance – Vernon CT

Heating System Maintenance - Vernon CT

If you need heating system maintenance Vernon CT,  call the experts at Charter Oak Mechanical.  In New England, we rely on furnaces for heat and comfort year round; we heat our homes using them during the fall, winter, and even spring.  In order for your system to run efficiently, it is imperative to keep your heating system clean.  Contact Charter Oak Mechanical and get your heating system on a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Furnace cleaning and maintenance needs to be performed on an annual basis to maintain safety and efficiency of the system. Charter Oak Mechanical provides customers with resources and information on the necessity of furnace maintenance. Charter Oak Mechanical services all furnace varieties, including the latest in oil and gas burning models. No matter the system you have, combustion products are liable to build up and in turn lead to potentially serious health hazards. One of the most serious hazards of neglecting furnace maintenance is carbon monoxide poisoning. This odorless, colorless, non-irritating gas is known as the silent killer. Protect your family from the dangers of deferred furnace maintenance by calling Charter Oak Mechanical today.

Gritty furnaces are responsible for the build-up and emission of the deadly carbon monoxide gas. In addition to the potential for health concerns, another consequence of deferred furnace maintenance is that you will end up paying more for fuel.  How?  Well, when your furnace sits idle in the summer months, it ends up accumulating dust, dirt, and grime from all around your house. This build up causes your furnace to have to work harder when you need it most in the late fall and winter.  By scheduling regular maintenance with Charter Oak Mechanical,  you are taking the necessary and proactive steps to protect your home and heating system.

If you have an emergency arise with your boiler,  call the experts at Charter Oak Mechanical. Our certified technicians have the certifications and knowledge needed to tackle any home heating emergency.  Our crew of professionals can handle almost any furnace repair and maintenance issue that could surface. Call Charter Oak Mechanical today at 860-432-8915 to schedule your home or business heating system maintenance.

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