Furnace Cleaning Norwich CT

Furnace Cleaning Norwich CT

If you need professional furnace cleaning services for your home or business in Norwich CT, rely on the experts at Charter Oak Mechanical.  Conveniently located in Manchester, the crew at Charter Oak Mechanical can be dispatched anywhere in a timely manner to deal with time-sensitive issues. One of the most important goals of Charter Oak Mechanical is to educate our clients on the importance of getting your furnace on a regular maintenance schedule.

“Furnace” is a generic term used to describe a variety of different heating systems. Although they share the same basic functions as forced air, furnaces complete their heating functions in several different ways. At Charter Oak Mechanical, we are proud to offer our clients a comprehensive array of furnace services. Whether you need a system installed, repaired, or maintained, the professionals at Charter Oak Mechanical are experts in all aspects of all things, furnaces.

Some people may wonder why it is even necessary to have their furnace serviced on a regular schedule. As anyone in New England knows, we rely on our furnaces for comfort almost all year round. Regardless of whether you have a gas or oil-burning furnace, combustion products can build up and result in hazardous breathing conditions for you and your family. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most extreme and deadly consequence of deferred furnace maintenance. Copious amounts of this odorless, colorless gas can be released from a dirty furnace.

Call Charter Oak Mechanical today. We are the professionals with the comprehensive experience to get your job done right, the first time and every time. You can not void your manufacturer’s warranty until and unless you have a licensed company perform maintenance on your furnace. Call the licensed experts at Charter Oak Mechanical today to get your furnace serviced and cleaned: 860-432-8915.


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